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A long time ago I had a contact, Birgit Thiede, from Copenhagen. She said she had turned over all of her files, personal letters, etc., concerning Terrestrial UFOs to Mr. Hynek who, in turn, gave her a membership to SITU. As far as we know Hynek never released any of the material. Birgit saw an article I had written for the Danish Newspaper, Forteana, and wrote me.

She gave me most all of the same information. Unfortunately, she had mailed Mr. Hynek all her original letters and had kept no copies.

Later I wrote an article on Terrestrial UFOs when few people were talking about them. Although I was having material published in newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the United States, nobody would publish the article. In 1982 Tokyo's "UFOs and Space" published it in Japanese. (copy was enclosed).

In any case, all I have left is my first draft, but the information is there if you can use it or care to print it.

Birgit disappeared some time ago. She did tell me that she had somehow been exposed to nerve gas and advised me that if it got to a point when I couldn't find her, I could do so through her bank.

But when I enquired they informed me that they "had no patron by that name." She is not the first of my UFO friends to disappear.



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