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Belgium Air Force officials categorically deny that the UFOs sighted by police, citizens, Air Force personnel and government officials are military aircraft (particularly US secret aircraft), and especially not F-117s or B-2 Stealth Bombers.

True, they are not F-117 Nighthawks or B-2 Bombers. They are THAP RPVs. This is what people are seeing worldwide. THAPs may be configured as RPV photo surveillance and cartographic scanning vehicles. In other words, it obtains images that are subsequently made into computerized maps for systems like Joint STARS, and for inclusion in remote VCASS simulator control units.

Joint STARS stands for Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System. Originally mounted in aging 707s, this system utilizes radar images overlaid onto computerized maps of any region of the world and can pinpoint single human beings from several hundred miles away. This information is displayed on any of a dozen monitors in the airborne aircraft and, simultaneously, to ground units (Army and Marine) who are in a position to strike the people and/or machines observed on the screens. The information is also instantly transmitted to air squadrons who are in a position to attack and destroy the enemy units.

STARS was used during the Gulf War to observe Iraqi einforcements moving toward Al Kafje in Kuwait. They never made it. STARS was also used to observe Iraqi units leaving Kuwait City in the face of advancing coalition forces. The "Highway To Hell" scenario attests to the effectiveness of the STARS system. Nothing moves on the face of Earth that cannot be seen and tracked and ultimately destroyed by using Joint STARS.

But, in order for STARS to work, it must first have accurate, up-to-date maps of the area over which the 707s (and other aircraft) will fly (the Theater of Operations). These up-to-date charts and computer maps with roads, lakes, even foliage, are obtained by 1) Aurora, and 2) THAP RPVs.

By now, STARS is probably standard equipment on most tactical penetrators and on all Aurora aircraft since it seems no longer necessary to have the 707s in the loop, they having proved that STARS is a viable airborne system.

But, why, you might ask, is the CIA mapping the whole world? No answer is required; you can figure it out for yourself, I think. Cold War mentality and the grandeur of ultimate power rank very high as reasons.

Witnesses and investigators of the Belgium sightings were astounded by the maneuvers of the UFOs. One UFO speeded up when acquired by the radar of a pursuing F-16 from about 280 KPH to 1800 KPH while descending from 3000 meters to 1700 meters in one second, an acceleration of 40 Gs!

As the F-16 continued to search for the intruder, the UFO dove for the ground until at an altitude of 200 meters, at which time it was below the scan of the ground radar.

One G is equivalent to the exact force of the gravity of Earth, or 9.81 meters per second per second. Since humans generally die at forces greater than 8G, everyone assumes the vehicles are unmanned or are manned by creatures not of human origin.

They fail to take into consideration the possibility of an anti-mass field surrounding the vehicle and its passengers. A vehicle and crew rendered massless would not be subjected to inertial forces and could, therefore, perform extreme maneuvers without harm to the airframe or to the crew.

Another objection was the absence of sound, especially of engine noises or a sonic wave as the vehicle accelerated past the speed of sound at tree-top level. Sound, which is a wave vibrating in air, can be nullified by computers emitting the exact opposite wave.

Additionally, reflected light, which is also a wave vibrating in air, can be altered by causing the vehicle to vibrate at frequencies not visible to human senses or recording devices, rendering the aircraft virtually invisible!




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