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MIND CONTROL:  Subliminal transmissions used during Gulf War.

Most Americans had the opportunity to watch the live briefings of the Persian Gulf war on CNN. Live briefings, to the astute listener, nearly always disclose revealing information that later will be edited out.

A CNN reporter said that he had just returned from Kuwait where he had travelled with an American patrol. They had observed a patrol of about thirty Iraqis some distance away and the Americans were wondering how they would get them to surrender.

A U.S. helicopter suddenly appeared and flew over the Iraqi patrol, and by the time the helicopter had reached the next sand dune, they had surrendered.

This is very unusual because these were the same Iraqis who waged unrelenting Holy War against Iran for eight years.

Later, as the land battle was winding down, a BBC reporter asked about American plans to get the Iraqi soldiers out of the deep, well-fortified bunkers built by the Germans.

General Neil started to say, "We bring in the psychological...

He then broke his sentence with a cough, apparently having caught himself saying something he shouldn't reveal. When he stopped coughing, he said the Army flew in with PA helicopters and "talked them out."

It seems apparent that the General had made a mistake and had to cover up something like: "psychological warfare broadcasting helicopters" with "PA helicopters."

Even after massive pin-point air bombardment, the Iraqis were still alive and well protected in the bunkers. They had electricity, entertainment and enough food and water to last for about six months. They also had equipment to tunnel out if prime entrances were blocked.

That these fanatic soldiers would have surrendered under the slight threat of PA system helicopters is absurd and, knowing of the mind control experiments being conducted by the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, it seems reasonable to assume that mind control or subliminal transmissions were used to coax the Iraqis to surrender en masse, so many, in fact, that coalition forces were hard-pressed to house, feed and guard them!




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