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While the Phoenix Project was investigating weather and the use of radiosondes, Project Rainbow resurfaced in 1947 or 1948. Project Rainbow (The Philadelphia Experiment) was funded to continue research into the phenomena encountered on the USS Eldridge. This project was concerned with the electromagnetic technology.

Dr. John von Neumann and his research team, loaned to the Manhattan Project during the Second War, were called back and put to work on a new agenda. It was similar to Rainbow but had a different goal. They were to find out how to protect humans within an electromagnetic field so vessels and crews could be transported through space and time without harm to either or any.

By the early 1950's, Project Rainbow and the radiosonde weather project were included under the same funding and "Phoenix Project" was used as a cover title to refer to all of these "black" activities.

Dr. von Neumann, a mathematician and theoretical physicist who came from Germany, was placed in charge of Phoenix. He was noted for his advanced concepts of space and time. He originated and built the first vacuum tube computer at Princeton University, where he served as the head of the Institute for Advanced Study. He had the ability to apply advanced theories to technology and, because of these qualifications, he could easily communicate with Einstein and acted as liaison between him and engineers serving on the project.

Von Neumann quickly learned that he was going to have to study metaphysics; to understand the metaphysical side of man. The Rainbow experiment had disassembled the physical and biological structure of human beings. Crew members had melded with bulkheads and changed beyond recognition. Those who had survived were quite mad or died later from madness and some strange internal burning.

Project engineers and scientists spent nearly ten years working out why human beings had troubles with electromagnetic fields that lofted them through different times and spaces. It now appears they discovered that humans are born with what is known as a "time reference" point. At conception, an energy being (human) is attached to a time line and must begin life manifest as flesh from that point. To understand this, it is necessary to view the "energy being" or soul as completely different from the physical body.

Our references as both a physical and metaphysical being appears to have origin in the time reference residing within the electromagnetic background of Earth. This time reference is the basic orientation point to the way the universe operates. Time, in the normal context, appears always to flow in one direction - forward - at least to our limited senses.

But the Rainbow technology apparently creates an alternate reality having its existence entirely within the quantum field, literally transferring material objects out of our "normal" time and space. This accounts for the light-invisibility of the USS Eldridge and her crew.

The alternate reality created by the shift has no time references because it is not part of the normal forward flow of time. For the person who was experiencing the phenomenon uninstructed, it would be like having an intense and enduring nightmare wherein nothing makes any sense.

So Phoenix engineers were faced with solving the problem of letting human test subjects get into and out of the quantum field without harm by somehow connecting them to the time reference they could recognize as the planet Earth. This meant that when they were in the alternate reality, they had to be equipped mentally with something that would give them a "real time" reference.

Engineers solved this by feeding in all the required natural background information of the Earth to convince test subjects of a continuous stream real earth time reference so they would not experience trans-dimensional disorders. Test subjects would believe they were still in Earth "real-time."

Dr. von Neumann was the ideal Director for the Phoenix Projects. He knew computers would have to be used if they were going to calculate the time references of specific people and replicate those references while they were in the quantum field, otherwise the test subjects would be experiencing essentially "no reality" or a continuous nightmare reality at best.

The computer had to be programmed to generate an electromagnetic background with which the test subjects could synchronize. If not done, the soul and the physical body time and space reference points would be out of sync, resulting in dissolution and insanity or inability to return to Earth real time.

Because they were dealing with two separate and distinct entities - the spiritual human and the physical human - the time reference would be required to lock in the spirit and the electromagnetic background would be required to lock in the body. The technology, begun in 1948, was apparently fully developed by 1967, during the height of the Vietnam conflict.

When the project's first phase was complete, a report was submitted to the Congressional committee from which funds had been appropriated. Congressional members were told that the consciousness of man could definitely be affected by electromagnetism and, additionally, that it would be possible to develop electronic hardware and software that could literally change the way a person thinks about anything and everything.

The committee, fearing they would be first on the list of new test subjects, refused to refinance and Project Phoenix was disbanded in 1969.

But the scientists and engineers at Brookhaven had spent too much time, effort and money on Phoenix to just scrap it and walk away. Their empire was in place, the technology was secure, and the engineers were looking for a mission. What they needed was funding from a secret agency to continue with the mind control experiments. The military seemed the most logical source.

When told a device had been developed that would alter the way people - and particularly soldiers - would think and act, military pundits were beside themselves with joy. Such a device could not only change the outcome of a battle already begun, it might be used to convince entire populations that war is not only unnecessary, but completely impossible. Or that total war was the only solution to a political crisis.

Phoenix had found its mission.




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