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Exploration into telepathy, teleportation, transportation, levitation and tentative excursions backward and forward in time has continued almost without cease from 1943 until the present time. The results of the experiments aboard the USS Eldridge, disastrous as they might have been at the time, provided fuel and data for a series of programs and black projects that now consumes a great portion of America's defense budgets.

Scientists and engineers learned how to alter and direct weather, how to create storms or to vanquish natural storms by tapping into the planet's orgone energy and turning it on or off at will. This series, under the title of Project Phoenix, would later absorb Project Rainbow and others, and the entire curriculum would be known as Phoenix.

One facet of the Phoenix Project was intense research into various areas of paranormal activity, particularly telepathy. The military was well aware that the Soviets were involved in paranormal research, and they knew that if sensitive ESPers could be found who possessed skills or powers strong enough to nullify Soviet ESPers or even overpower them, America might have an incredible super-weapon with whom they could defeat any foe, military or civilian.

When Congress refused to refinance Phoenix and disbanded the group, they had no idea some zealous scientists would seek support elsewhere. When scientists approached the military and told them what they had accomplished and what could be developed from the research, facilities were eagerly prepared, equipment purchased and millions of dollars began to appear from more than one unknown source. By 1970 the Brookhaven group as well as several elite universities worldwide were deeply involved in paranormal research. Some of these splinter projects involved use of drugs and hallucinogens; others not. Some experiments were conducted using electromagnetic fields. A few purists tapped only the mind-power of their test subjects (whom they considered "expendables").

Investigation quickly revealed that telepathic waves, while not radio waves, behaved similar to radio waves and could, therefore, be controlled, modulated and directed with the use of proper equipment. Scientists were elated. They had discovered (or rediscovered) electromagnetic functions unlike anything ever reported in scientific journals and textbooks. They were on the verge of wholly new discoveries in human mind power.

Because the projects were funded by and controlled by the military and federal intelligence agencies, the data gathered was delivered to them and filed away in war rooms and at secret military bases. The general public, by and large, was wholly unaware of these insidious mind-probing activities.

Out of early research came the revelation that certain radio frequencies in the 410-420 MHz range could effectively block human thought patterns, leaving test subjects unable to perform their tasks. Unknown to the researchers and test subjects at the time, the military had established a secret base on the east coast and was using a jamming device in the form of a modified radar antenna that, for 14 years, from 1970 until about 1984, beamed thought altering electromagnetic frequencies toward thousands of Americans in dozens of New England communities.

These thought altering waves would cause crowds to gather and then suddenly disperse in bewilderment; cause an increase in crime, including murder, in areas receiving the frequencies, and stimulated increased delinquency and rebellion among teenagers. When the signals were turned off, these communities would return to normal. The body snatchers had arrived!

When the base was suddenly abandoned in 1983 or 1984, the former residents left behind nearly all their equipment, papers and military orders. Military transfer orders discovered by other researchers were complete and accurate in every detail, except that some had large words scrawled across them: GONE!

This odd defacing of official government orders could not be explained until further investigation revealed what intelligence agencies had paid for at the secret base. They had been sending their test subjects, all males, some military, some civilians, back and forth through time!

ESPers found the base surrounded with unusual vibrations and images; remnants of unusual weather patterns, mind control and beings that had been created from the ether out of the thoughts of test subjects. The investigators were certain something remarkable had happened at the facility and set out to discovered what it was. Their focal starting point was the premise that everyone on the base had vanished at nearly the same time, perhaps the same day, and that they had no time to actually shut down the base or decommission it officially. In fact, the base did not officially exist.

Except that it was in a state of general disarray when they arrived, investigators found materials, machines, supplies, reports, buildings and support gear in place as if the base might still be operational. But all the people were gone. Without a trace.

Citizens in nearby cities revealed that while the base was operating, strange things other than increase in crime and delinquency, had happened. Large groups of animals would suddenly charge into town and crash through windows. It snowed in August. Hurricane force winds suddenly came from nowhere and as quickly subsided. Thunderstorms, lightning and hail would appear and vanish when no meteorological indications of such violent storms were present.

In 1947, federal agencies in America began an extensive research project into the specific control of weather. This was the original Phoenix project and was developed from data provided earlier by Austrian scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Most of his research data was burned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is no longer available for general reading.

Dr. Reich was best known for his discovery of a force he called "orgone" energy, orgasmic or life energy, the existence of which he proved in his lab. While this discovery in itself, associated with the Newtonian concept of "the ether," was not earth- shaking, he soon ran afoul of the medical authorities when he claimed his control of the life energy, the wave-form nature of the cosmic ether, cured cancer. In 1940s America, such a proclamation was certain to be a decree of professional suicide.

Still, Reich found practical uses for his wave-form energy to control and modify weather by modulating the amount of "orgone" within a storm. Varying amounts of orgone were found to reside in biological organisms as well as in every square inch of cosmic space. By using electromagnetic force fields, Reich was ultimately able to reduce the violence of natural storms, a feat he promptly and foolishly reported to the government.

But the government had been closely following Dr. Reich's experiments and already knew what he could do. They asked for, and received, all his prototype equipment and research papers and quickly used the information to advance their own weather research.

This research combined the radio meteorograph, a balloon lofted weather monitor, with Reich's "orgone buster" and produced the devices now known as radiosondes. In the 1950s, radiosondes were lofted by balloon into the atmosphere at the rates of about 200 per day. Despite the government's cover story that the radiosondes were lofted to gather weather data, no receivers for the transmitters aboard have ever been discovered and the government was able, through a chain of disinformation, to preserve the secrecy of the weather altering devices for over forty years.

Even if radiosondes were used to nullify violent storms on the eastern seaboard, the potential exists to use them to actually create violent storms and to direct them toward specific targets, communities and factories or military bases, which research has been reported in the former Soviet Union for about thirty years.

According to investigators who have pursued weather control,the joint RAFB/USAFB Woodbridge-Bentwaters, just north of London, England, was partially destroyed by a man-made storm. Huge tracts of lovely forest on and around the base were literally pulled out by the roots during a sudden, violent, localized storm of great intensity, a disaster which is lamented by citizens from nearby communities to this day.




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